Take Time for You!

Hey ya’ll!

Bree here! It dawned on me today that it’s super important to take a day for yourself once in a while.

Let me paint you a little picture of the last 3 months. I moved, started a new crazy hectic job that takes most of my emotional and brain energy, I work a lot, health-scare with my kitty, weight-gain, and winter. So today, I decided that I needed a “me” day. Today was very simple, but totally renewed some of my lost energy!

I started off the day by sleeping in (which was wonderful!) and I had a great workout at the gym. I went home, showered, grabbed my laptop, and headed to Starbucks to have some tea and browse more recipes on Pinterest. It. Was. Wonderful.

Just doing things that benefited me and doing things that I wanted helped so much for me to feel great.

Don’t forget to take time for you! 🙂

❤ Bree


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