Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!

First, another apology. Bree has been in the chaos of moving to a new city since early November and starting a new job. Will things ever lighten up? Alissa has been busy with more intense deadlines. Deadlines need to die, who’s with us???

Bree here, I’m actually writing this from Starbucks (yay wifi!) because my internet isn’t hooked up at my new home and it won’t be for another two weeks.

So, I do have some common sense thoughts about Thanksgiving.

1. Try not to overeat. Your body will probably be wanting seconds of everything, but try not to give in.

2. Eat the healthy stuff first. This is more of a common-every-day-thing, but it works for holidays too.

3. Enjoy! Even if you do overeat, this holiday is about being thankful (whether you’re with friends and family or not) and if you want to show thanks to your Meme by eating that second piece of pie, have at it. Your body won’t thank you, but Meme will be happy ❤

Alissa actually just found this WebMD article about having a “thinner” Thanksgiving! Check it out here!! It has some great tips too!

Safe travels to you all and Alissa and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

❤ Bree


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