CAUTION: Shoveling

Winter is upon us…at least where I live up here in Maine. We’ve already had two snow storms which prompted me to write this post about shoveling.

Snow comes in basically two types: light & fluffy or heavy & wet. The latter is the biggest pain to shovel, especially when the plows on the road push it all onto the end of your already messy driveway.

Shoveling is a very good way to exercise, but it is also very easy to injure yourself with this activity. Heart problems and back/neck problems are the first concerns that jump to my mind. First, consult a doctor before shoveling if you have any physical condition that might be worsened by the act of shoveling (whether it’s light & fluffy or heavy & wet). Also, if you have any respiratory problems such as COPD or asthma, be careful as cold air can aggravate them.

If you must shovel, make sure you lift with your legs. Shove the shovel into the snow, bend down into a squat (or semi-squat depending on your height) and lift that pile of snow with your legs, your back will thank you!

If all else fails and you’re wondering whether you should shovel or not due to physical safety, opt out and pay for the neighbor to do it or hire someone to plow for you.

Safe shoveling! 🙂

❤ Bree

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