First Workout…Again

Hey there! Bree here with a story that will hopefully inspire you!

There I was, standing in my living room with my Tae Bo workout up on my television.  I’ve got my water, sneakers, inhaler…Ok, good to go.

Halfway through I’m a sweaty, huffing, puffing pile of Jell-O. I remember being able to get through this workout years ago, but now only halfway through?

So I stop the tape, even though Billy Blanks was telling me not to quit. Tough cookies. My cat is looking at me like I’m a psycho and proceeds to rub up against my leg…now one side of my cat is sweat-covered and my leg now has a nice layer of fur on it.

I sat down and guzzled some water and caught my breath. I felt like garbage. I felt defeated. How on Earth was I so out of shape that I couldn’t do more than half of a tape?? My brain started sifting through things such as, “I’ve lost almost 50lbs since last summer, shouldn’t this workout be easier?” and “Man, I just feel spent, augh…”

I then realized how negative I was being. I changed my brain’s gears and started thinking of the positive side to this seemingly failed workout. My asthma didn’t kick it (big bonus), sweating won’t kill me, I did half of the workout which means there’s only room for improvement (and who doesn’t want to improve?) and I actually did a workout (big deal).

Lesson? Every little bit helps. I know Alissa and I have said this before, but seriously, baby steps lead to big steps! I looked back at what I was only a year ago and look at myself today (still need to lose about 30lbs) and holy cow, what a difference overall! So what, my cardio isn’t up to par; that’s why it’s more important for me to do this cardio workout no matter how much I can do. Something is better than nothing.

Ok, there’s my little story. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Do you have a funny, encouraging story? Please share in the comments, we’d love to hear it. 🙂

❤ Bree


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