End-of-Summer Trips & Activities

The end of Summer is near and chances are some of you are planning on squeezing in one last getaway before classes start back up again or your kids head back to school. If you’re like most people you probably like to indulge a little bit while on vacation. After all, part of the fun in traveling is the food!

Unfortunately, with indulgence often comes weight gain. But you can prevent that, even on vacation, by staying active! If you’re visiting a scenic location, see if you can rent a bicycle somewhere and go for a ride along some bike trails. If you’re visiting a lake, canoeing is another option. Not only do you get to work off calories, you also get to check out the beauty of the area up close and personal! If you’re staying in a hotel, take a look at the brochures they offer to see what other kinds of activities the area might have in store.

Are you planning an end-of-summer getaway? What are your plans to stay active? Share with us in the comments section! 🙂

⭐ Alissa


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