Numbers Obsessed

by Bree

Let’s talk about numbers, shall we?

It seems people all over are trying to lose weight, be healthier, etc… that’s great!! The problem? It’s very easy to become what I call “numbers obsessed.”

I know many people who, like me, are trying to lose weight and be healthier. They start off weighing themselves once a week, but it quickly becomes a much more frequent thing! It becomes almost an obsession. Every time they weigh themselves and see the pound section on the scale go up, they get depressed and either go crazy with eating because they say, “Screw this!” or they go into a calorie deficit to try to make up the difference. BOTH are unhealthy and not helping your body.

I will reveal a little something to you. I have mild OCD. It’s very easy for me to focus on numbers, and if I let myself, I’d be weighing myself every day! Back when I used to weigh myself almost daily I got stuck in this same rut that I now see friends and people getting into.

Try not to focus on the number. Instead, focus on how you feel. How do those jeans fit? Or that shirt, or even your bra (for the lady readers here)? The body has natural day-to-day fluctuations and it’s constantly  making adjustments depending on what we’ve done for activity and/or what we’ve eaten during the day.

In summary, please don’t weigh yourself or measure your thighs/arms/waist more than once a week. I’d even suggest going longer than that and measure/weigh every other week! Don’t get numbers obsessed because it’s easier to do than you think.

Feel good, stay positive, and remember that you can succeed in whatever you put your mind to.

❤ Bree


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