Loving Yourself

This is a great read on how to think more positively about yourself. I know women and men can struggle with this issue.

I enjoyed reading it and I believe it has good tips and suggestions.

Live life more positively! 🙂

Read the blog article here!

❤ Beckie


One thought on “Loving Yourself

  1. I don’t want to say this the wrong way here. I had a female friend who had a weight issue, but at the same time had the most out going personality about herself. She knew what she looked like but still you would instantly look right past it because she was always positive, had a healthy outlook on life and was just so genuine and really fun to be around. You wouldn’t hear the complaints you might hear about other women her size might say. Oh I’m not pretty, I need to lose a few more pounds before I can fit into this or do that. I wished that more men and women would look inwards to themselves for their happiness and not try to validate their securities and self worth through other people. Because we will always be let down if that’s how we do things. I would love to see people start to see that you are beautiful for who you are. Not for what you look like.

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