Special K, Not Just A Diet

Let me just say, I do not participate in the “Special K” 2 week diet thingy they promote. I am also not being reimbursed for anything I promote for Special K.

Moving on…since being on this journey to be healthier and to lose weight I am frequently trying to rethink things. While walking down the granola bar section of the grocery store, I saw Special K chewy granola bars and thought, “hmm, this would be a good mini-snack between classes!”

My next genius idea was when I walked by the crackers a few weeks later and found the Special K chips (Honey BBQ for the win!) One bag of those are only 385 calories. Talk about guilt-free junk food and they are very tasty!

In the same day I discovered those granola bars, I found the Pastry Crisps and thought, “Yummy dessert with my lunch for only 100 calories!”

Yesterday I found myself in the granola bar section again and I found these new Special K Moments which are, in essence, mini granola bars! For only 70 calories!! Instant dessert! I would rather have one of these mini delights than eat a slice of any cake, you know? (Well, I’d rather have cake, but this is way fewer calories…) It’s still sweet, but it’s small and a perfect way to end the evening meal.

I hope my ideas help you reach your weight loss and health goals! I know these things aren’t “healthy” but they are way fewer calories than other leading brands. In my opinion, worth it.

❤ Beckie

special k


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