Finals & Other Things

A few things have set me back a little bit with my weight loss.

Eating out, this time of year, is so hard! I’m realizing this may be a bigger hurdle than originally anticipated. It’s getting quite cold out and everything in my brain is telling me to eat cozy, yummy, fattening, carb-ridden food. I also usually don’t go out to eat very often ($$$) and when I do I get what I want because I don’t do it often, well my brain is having an issue because it still thinks my body can do that with me eating out more often…so yeah, I’ve been having the pastas and the extra rolls…which are adding to my extra rolls. Oi vey!

Another thing has been my stress level. It has gone through the roof especially now that finals are coming up FAST (as in starting on Tuesday). Anxiety=stress eating.

So, today I took charge and went out and bought a spaghetti squash (to make my yummy Spaghetti Squash Alfredo dish) and I bought some Lean Cuisines so when I get home after a long day or if I’m studying all day, I can pop it in the microwave for convenience as well as have it be low-calorie.

Let’s see how this works. Want to lose these three pounds I’ve gained back in a hurry! I should be able to since the weight came on quickly!

❤ Beckie


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