Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I haven’t been around much, thank you college, but I wanted to hop on here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to give some last-minute advice!

  1. Take a little bit of everything from the table and save one small second helping to that one item you absolutely love. You’ll thank yourself the next day 🙂
  2. Get out and go for a walk after dinner! It’ll get the food digesting and at least you’re being active on a normally “lazy” holiday!
  3. If you eat like a pig today, don’t stress. It happens. Pick up and do better on Black Friday…although the carbs from today might help fight off attackers in the toy aisle…hmmmm.

Be happy, be healthy, be thankful that we can eat good food, and have a great day!

❤ Beckie

Thanksgiving oven

Thanksgiving oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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