Juicing Adventures

I recently watched the documentary, “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.” I thought it was inspiring and amazing how this man took charge of his health the way he did (under medical supervision.) For those who have not seen it (or heard about it), this man drank only fresh juice (he made from fresh produce) for 60 days.

So I thought, “Hmmm…I’ve got local markets near me with fresh(ish) produce, why don’t I try it for a few days?” I dash off to the market happily anticipating this new adventure. I buy the ingredients needed (the guy from the documentary has a website where you can do 3, 5 etc days of juicing and he gives you a list of stuff to buy.)

I get home, and make my first juice. *drum roll* Gag!!! I choked it down. I tried another juice later on….omg kill me. I missed eating real food. All this did was make me miserable.

Now, maybe juicing isn’t for me. I don’t eat fast-food (yuck) and I rarely eat at restaurants. I make 90% of my meals at home. Maybe this kind of thing is good to get people to start eating better, but I’m already doing that…so no juicing for me!

I’ll stick to chewing my food, thanks. 😉

❤ beckie

English: Fresh produce for sale at the West Si...

English: Fresh produce for sale at the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5 thoughts on “Juicing Adventures

  1. What did you make for your juice? Sometimes the straight vegetable ones are hard to take down, but I know a few recipes that you could try if you are willing to want to give it a shot again. 😉

    • beckieb says:

      I made a juice with kale, cucumber, little lemon and ginger, I also used a Nutribullet to do this, I can’t afford a juicer atm, so I do what I can with what I have.
      Sure, I’d love some recipes to give it a shot again! You can send them here or go under my “contact me!” page to send it to me another way!

      Thanks so much! I see you’re also on a juicing adventure, good luck! 🙂

      • Oh yeah! I could see how it would be hard to take that one down. The ginger and lemon together are quite the combination ~ not that I know, but I could imagine, and I’d rather not find out. Haha. If you ever happen to invest in a juicer, I know some recipes that are delicious! And you can’t even taste the vegetables. I’m going to make some posts about the juices I create on my 3-day journey. They’re not my own creation as I’m not that creative yet. 😉

        And thank you! 😀

  2. beckieb says:

    I also find Kale to be…harsh. I think next time I’ll substitute the kale with some spinach (<3 spinach). I can't wait to see those recipes and see how you do on your 3 day journey! 🙂

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