Blew It, Dang!

It has been a while since I’ve been able to write something and for that I apologize! This semester in school has been proving to be quite a bit more challenging than last spring.

Well, confession time…

Me: “Hi, I’m Beckie.”
Group: “Hi Beckie.”
Me: “I was doing great until last weekend. I blew it for 4 days straight. I wanted to be strong, but the pressures of life got to me. I want to do better and get back on track, but it’s so hard once I fell off the wagon to get back on!”

There you have it, in a nutshell. I am still reeling from my eating last weekend and trying to get back to counting calories and watching my intake, but my brain and I are battling at the moment. When I go to log in my food that I’m about to consume, my brain says, “Oh look!” and I get distracted and forget. I guess I also got frustrated when I again stopped losing any weight and tried to foolishly get my body to get working again by feeding it more.

There is a plus side, I have been eating more fruits and veggies this past week to sort of counteract last weekend and the in-betweens.

So to all you folks out there who read this blog, try your darned hardest not to fall off the wagon because it is very difficult to get back on, whereas if I had stayed on I’d be in a much better position (and a few pounds lighter…)

If you do fall off, like me, get back on track! If you did it once, you can do it again. It might take more willpower than ever before, but it is possible!

Note: I originally wrote this out before bed in the middle of last week (didn’t get a chance to post until now) and am happy to report that I am back to my “pre-freakout” weight as of Saturday. 🙂

❤ beckie


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