Out of the Plateau!

After three very very long weeks I am seeing my weight loss on the scale again!!

As I sit here before class eating my bagel-thin with 1/3 less fat cream cheese, and blueberry preserves (only 175 calories!) I realize how very discouraging those three weeks were.

I did lose an inch in my thighs and also an inch or twoish in my waist, but I had this demon in me that said, “I have to see it on the scale, or you’re not getting results” which is totally bull.

My thoughts are that I either gained some muscle, or my body was being stubborn. (Either one or both of those things are possible.)

My advice to you? Keep eating well and doing what you’re doing, if after three weeks (I cut it close lol) nothing has happened, talk with your provider/nutritionist/google about what healthy next steps can be for you.

Off to class! Have a great day everyone and make good choices!
❤ beckie




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