Oh, What Stress Can Do To A Gal!

I’ve been back at college for about a week now. Wow, welcome to Stressland! (Hence why you’ve not heard from me since 8/26…)

I made a game-plan before going back, to change my ways. No more meal ticket for the cafeteria, I will pay cash if I choose to eat there. I will pack my lunch and a water bottle (or two) and only eat at the cafeteria once a week as a treat (a girl’s gotta socialize and treat herself so as not to go on a binge session…)

The whole first week, I pack my lunch and snacks and have my trusty water bottle with me. It goes really well! Yes, I’m hungry during class, but mid-morning I grab my snack between classes (grapes, or sometimes a trail mix of some sort). Well, in that four days I was having stomach pain (as in the physical organ hurt to touch), my intestines were all over the map (sorry if that’s too much info) and I just felt exhausted all the time! I also did a quick mid-week weight check and found my body was gaining weight!

I did a self-analysis and realized my eating hadn’t really changed, I was still eating 1200 calories (one day was 1250 due to my miscalculations), yes I was sitting more, but I walk quickly to classes that sometimes aren’t so close and my water consumption was more or less the same. So what changed?

Stress. I am taking very intense courses towards my major and this semester is proving to be very difficult. On the outside (if you were to talk to me) I am calm, cool, and collected. But I realized on the inside, I was an absolute wreck.

How did I help myself out of it, at least temporarily? I took Saturday off from school work and just chilled. I had some tea, did some light non-school reading, watched a little t.v. and just let myself unwind.  Sure enough, I felt loads better the next day! Today, my stomach is feeling normal again and my body let go of that “stress weight.” Game plan for this week? Try to chill the freak out!

“Don’t lose your cool, remember goosefraba.” – the movie Anger Management

❤ beckie


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