Spaghetti Measure- A Must Have!

As many of you see my recipes and different entries you know I love pasta. However, being on this calorie restriction made me realize I have a lot of trouble measuring out the correct serving of spaghetti! They say the size of the “ok” sign with your index finger curled into your thumb-webbing is one serving…but everyone has different sized hands! I also heard that a serving size is roughly the size of a quarter, but my issue with that is I’m not holding my spaghetti anywhere near a nasty quarter and again, it’s an estimate.

To solve this I bought a spaghetti measure from The particular one I bought was by Joseph Joseph because 1) it’s small, easy to store 2) I like how I can adjust the serving sizes to 1-4 servings 3) Relatively inexpensive, mine cost $9 not including s&h, but because I will use it often it was a great investment.

There are many different types of spaghetti measures out there, so find the one you like. I even found one that puts the pasta in the shape of animals, looks great for kids!

❤ Beckie


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