Balancing Lunch & Dinner

Since being on this calorie restriction hell (I’m doing better with not feeling starved all the time) I have realized that I do best when my lunch and dinner are around the same calories. (i.e: today for lunch I had 380 calories and my dinner will be around 390-410.)

When I first started this whole adventure (even when I wasn’t necessarily “calorie counting”) I noticed that I ate either a big lunch or a big dinner. I got to pig out essentially at one of the meals, but when the other meal was presented, I was less than happy.

I also started noticing I changed to eating a big dinner more than a big lunch. I had such a small lunch that I felt like I was rewarding myself with a big dinner. Rule #1, do NOT reward yourself with food. (I wrote a post back in June about food rewards, check it out here!)

So recently, I started to try to balance my lunch and dinner and it’s really helped! I now feel satisfied at both meals. Now if I have a choice for lunch and dinner and one of them is going to be a pasta, I will have the pasta for lunch. Why? More time to burn it off, of course!!

Here is a real example of my lunch and dinner. (The dinner is an estimate as I sometimes need more mayo/less mayo etc…)

Note: I fried my eggs in a teflon pan, so no butter. I put hard-boiled because that is closer in calories to my eggs than their “fried egg” option.


See how close my lunch and dinner are? They aren’t always that close, but I do my best. For me, it’s worth it.

❤ beckie b


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