Zero to 5K- My Way

So there’s a new fad in fitness called “Zero to 5K” or “Couch to 5K.” I think that’s great! However, as you all know, I modified it!

I am NOT going to expect myself to run a 5K in 6-9 weeks. No thanks, I’ll pass. I am trying to walk at least 10 minutes every day. Just 10. My body is already hating me and I had to take 2 days off because my body was rebelling too harshly for my liking. I mean, I casually walk to the subway stops…and then sit for however long, but then I go home and I purposefully walk either my block, around the halls, or whatever, but I walk with intent for just 10 minutes.

Here’s the link to my personal favorite “___ to 5K” program. It starts you off nice and easy, but as I always say, modify so it works for you!

Here’s the link! (and just click the program you want, I did “walk.”)

❤ beckie


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