Baking Chicken

Ok, I don’t know how many of you already know this tidbit, but I just found out about it and thus, need to share with you.

I bake chicken as they don’t allow grills in apartments (and those electric grills are NOT the same as a traditional grill, I don’t care what you say.) Anyway, I used to put the raw chicken on a sheets pan (with or without aluminum foil) and bake them in their own grease and fat. I accepted that this was the way you bake chicken…until my mom said, “Try getting a rack for one of your baking tins or roasting pan!”

What a great idea! Not only do I feel like they cook more evenly, but the fat and grease drippings are at the bottom of the pan while the chicken is raised up on the rack! I feel healthier eating it this way too!

An example of a rack-pan, or if you have a baking pan already, just buy the rack!

❤ beckie


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