Mosquito Bites Bite- How to Make the Itch Stop

Went camping this past weekend. It’s one of my favorite pastimes, takes a while to travel there, but it was awesome.

We had great weather, great water temperature, but oh man…the bugs were insane. It’s been a wet spring/summer here the Northeast (aside from those pesky heat waves) and it has brought forth a mass amount of mosquitoes.

Well, to shorten this story, I am now sitting back in my apartment nursing about 18 bites…mostly on my ankle/foot areas. I used bug spray and wore water shoes and jeans at dawn and dusk (when they’re most active).

I slathered on some Hydro-cortisone, but it wasn’t working and I was driving myself insane with itching and scratching!! I then remembered my mom telling me a long time ago that a friend of hers heard from a friend to use Preparation-H on mosquito bites. Yuck, right?? Although used for hemorrhoids as the box told me, I tried it and am blissfully itch free. You might smell funny, but my sanity is in tact. 😉

Note: read the directions on the Preparation-H (warnings etc…) before using on bites (or hemorrhoids I guess…)

❤ beckie b-is-itch-free


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