Doctor Visit

First, let me say I apologize for not posting in such a long time. Life kinda got crazy and I had to shuffle some priorities. Anyway, I had started working on this posting pre-ten-day-hiatus… so here it is!

I had to revisit my doctor the other day eight weeks after my annual exam with her. She didn’t charge me, but she just wanted to see if what she said had taken any affect.

Nerves? Heck yes! I was so nervous that I hadn’t done enough or lost enough weight (I lost only 2lbs) to her satisfaction. Well, I walked into the office and she greeted me with her usual smile, calm demeanor and said, “You are looking a little better, my dear!” Relief!!

She asked me to lay out my game plan, which I did. I told her that I planned to be active every day or as often as I could. Whether it be walking around my complex a couple of times, going to the Y for a swim, or doing some stretches in my apartment. She was pleased and looked satisfied with my answers, but then she said, “I am putting you on a calorie restriction. I want you to eat 1200 calories a day, you need to lose this weight, I am concerned for you!” My gut sank…1200 calories?? Seriously?? She has faith that I can do it and in all honesty, 2 years ago I was doing it and lost about 10 pounds, but I fell off the wagon and here I am today…not doing so well.

So I had some time to process it and swallow my lumps. I can do it. I won’t eat 1200 calories every day, it’s just not possible in my hectic life, but you can bet I will be making some even more serious changes and will definitely do my best to meet that 1200 calories and be active daily.

Lots of changes in a short amount of time. Feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.

Anyone have any tips or advice? I think my ears have stopped steaming from the chat with my doctor, so I can handle advice again :p

❤ beckie b


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