Cookout Holiday of the Year

Okay guys… July 4th is right around the corner. That usually means, grilled/greasy/munchies/delicious food at however many parties are attended.

Here are a few tips that I live by when going to a party:

1) Do not go to the party hungry! Eat a little something before you go, that way you won’t be starving once you’re there and won’t be as tempted to go for the bad stuff!

2) Do not graze. When going up to the spread of food, take a plate, fill it and make that it. 

3) Enjoy the foods you love, but take one serving of it, or a small amount to taste.

4) Try to be active at the party! Play volleyball, kick around a soccer ball with the kids, or go for a swim!

5) Try to limit the alcohol intake. Not only does it dehydrate you (which isn’t good on a hot day), but it can also pack on the calories you’re consuming!

Hope these tips help! 

Remember: Do not drink & drive. Call a cab, ask a sober friend to take you home, it’s not worth your life or the life of someone else.

Have a great 4th guys!

❤ beckie b

A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...


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