Scrubbing the Floor

Earlier in the week I was visiting my parents. My mom has been working extra hours and when this happens she tends to feel like she can never get the house really clean. So my sister and I came to the conclusion that the kitchen floor (linoleum) hadn’t been scrubbed (hand-knees with a Lysol soaked brush) in over 5 years.

Note: We aren’t dirty people, we mop and vacuum weekly, but the floor still needs some extra TLC once in a while, and this floor was long overdue.

So, my sister and I got on our hands and knees and scrubbed. I scrubbed each “tile” of linoleum twice with a Lysol soaked brush and my sister followed by rinsing the tiles twice. After two hours of this, we were done!! We stood back and were proud of the work we were able to do and knew my mom would be happy.  She was ecstatic! Apparently that was one of the “cleaning” items that was bothering her the most!

Cut to the next day: Oh my goodness… My butt and back of my thighs were KILLING me! My triceps and forearms got a beating too! I had no idea that scrubbing the floor could do that!

Lesson of the day: Scrub a floor for two hours and you’ll get a workout!

❤ beckie b


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