Rewards are good, but can also be bad. Allow me to elaborate…

I try not to reward myself with food because food is the problem. For example, if I quit smoking for a few weeks and I say, “Wow, I’ve done really good, I’ll reward myself with a cigarette!” Bad rewards.

An example from my life: I’d do great on an exam and I’d say to myself, “Wow! I did it! I should reward myself! I think I’ll grab some Chinese food/pizza/Ben & Jerry’s on the way home!” <– not a good idea. So I stopped and I now reward myself with watching a TV show. I know it’s not a “healthy” thing to do, but right now it’s better than feeding my face with fattening greasy food!

When I start to lose more weight, I think I’d like to reward myself with something relaxing such as a mani/pedi, buying a new purse or going to see a show… something to say, “Hey beautiful, you’ve come so far! Keep it up!” Good rewards!

Now I know some people aren’t too keen on the “rewards system,” but to each his/her own, right? I’ll take all the incentive I can get!

This post was motivated by a comment made by aregularcupofjo on 5/12/13’s post “Say No to Buffets.”

❤ beckie b

Note: I don’t smoke, but it’s the best example I could come up with at the moment.


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