Serving Size: Dishware

I’ve noticed a trend. Over the past two decades I’ve seen plate sizes getting bigger! I’m talking about the literal plates and bowls getting larger in the chain-restaurants and the plates you buy for home.

With this in mind, I started using salad plates (approximately 8″) for my meals. It’s a way to trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a lot because the plate looks full! My mind tried to tell me, “It’s a smaller plate! You’re still going to be hungry!” But I put it out of my mind and forced myself to be satisfied with the serving I had. Believe it or not, it was plenty., but my brain had been trained to think, “Bigger is better!”

Note: I still struggle with my brain on this issue and sometimes I go back for that second-helping, but it’s all training (more like re-training) the brain and that’s what I’m working towards.

It’s something to think about, yeah?

❤ beckie b


One thought on “Serving Size: Dishware

  1. Good observation! I was out to dinner last night and the bowls the restaurant served their salads in were HUGE. Huge, as in I could literally use my bowl as a helmet. At least it was holding something healthy and not… potato chips or something. 😛 But still, I agree. It’s insane how large portions have become at restaurants. There’s no need. I’ve also been to some restaurants where the amount of food they give you could easily provide you with reasonably sized meals for the next several days. No wonder obesity has become such a problem in America.

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