Boston and Portion Sizes

School is out for the semester and Lexi got time off of work. What does that mean? We go from one city to the next! We went to an awesome rock concert and arrived back at our hotel at midnight.

We were hungry as we hadn’t much to eat before the concert because we didn’t want to throw up because of our nerves. (We got to meet the band, had butterflies in our stomachs, and were glad we didn’t have much to eat during the day.)

Anyway, we walk into the hotel lobby where there’s a restaurant…only to hear booming new-age music coming from it. Lexi and I just looked at each other and as best friends do, we immediately knew the other’s thought, “No and nope.” We just came from a head-banging rock concert…we wanted some silence served with our meal.

We turned to the bellhop with pleading eyes, hunger in our stomachs and asked where we could get a quiet meal at this time of night. He majestically pointed to a little place across the street…the sign was glowing, “The Vintage Lounge.” Lexi and I thanked the bellhop and walked over. Bliss. It was quiet and we were greeted by friendly staff.

We ordered water and without thinking we each ordered a chicken Panini. Well, we got our orders and man…the sandwiches were big and there was a heaping pile of fries. Lexi and I wished we had shared an order. We only ate one half of the Panini and ½- ¾ of the fries. We felt bad. Everything is homemade and we felt it was such a waste!

Looking back I wish I had asked the staff how big the portion was or at least looked at another table to see what the portion sizes of the dishes were. Now we know for next time!


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