Stairs vs. Escalators

We’ve all seen it. Maybe you’re one of them, I was one once. I used to be a person who took the escalator all the time, every time. Are you one of those people?

The other day I was doing some shopping and I went into a department store and saw the standard “escalator down, stairs, escalator up” setup. There was no one on the stairs. I stood there and watched the stairs for a decent amount of time…no one used the stairs, yet hundreds of people were cramming onto the escalators. There was even a point in time when there was a line to get on the escalator.

Annoyed at my observations, I hauled my butt up the stairs. I expected to hear an announcement on the loud speaker saying, “Fat girl on the stairs! Fat girl on the stairs!” When I got to the top of the stairs (I didn’t even take a break at the little landing) I was huffing and I had to wipe a bit of sweat from my upper lip. I am not ashamed of a little sweat and I really felt proud of myself for using the stairs!

My point? Use the stairs. There’s no such thing as a broken escalator, it only becomes stairs. I again feel the need to emphasize little changes in daily routine and this is a great way to change things up! Be an inspiration to others!

Who needs a StairMaster now?

❤ beckieb

English: Bicycle escalator stairs to the bicyc...


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