Eating Tip: Veggies


I keep talking about how busy we as a society are. In NYC, people are on the go literally 24/7.


I’ll admit it, my schedule is crazy most of the time. I realized I wasn’t getting veggies because:
1) Time was an issue
2) Laziness of cutting up and peeling everything
3) I don’t have a garbage disposal to put anything in, so my garbage stinks
4) Sometimes I don’t eat any meals at home, so fragile veggies go bad before I get a chance to even eat it!


So, how to maneuver around this little problem? Buy a veggie platter! Everything’s already cut, sliced, diced, and washed. Convenience Central here! It even comes with some ranch dressing if you like something with it!


You gotta start somewhere. I know I’ll eventually work in time to do my own veggie prep, but for now the platter is working out great!

English: veggies

English: veggies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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