Say No to Buffets!!

So I’m doing the whole, “eat healthier, yeah mistakes are made, go for a walk etc…” And it’s been going pretty well. But today…*shudders* I went with my family to a Chinese Buffet.

It’s the Achilles heel of restaurants. So I walk in saying to myself, “Go for salad, have ONE crab rangoon, get rice instead of lo mien…” Did that work? Nope. I piled on the lo mein, 4 crab rangoon and FRIED green beans (on top of everything I filled my plate with.) It’s like something possessed me! My body is going to hate me later on…

The positive side to this?

1. I won’t be needing supper

2. I’ve filled my fried food quota for the next 5 years

3. I didn’t go up for seconds!

So, last week I learned my lesson with caffeine. This week I learned my lesson to stay away from the buffets until I get my good eating habits solidified.

Excuse me while I unbutton my jeans, pass out on the sofa, and digest…

❤ beckieb


2 thoughts on “Say No to Buffets!!

  1. We all have off days and its good to reward ourselves and eat something good. I amy trying to eat clean so I can look as good as I can for my girlfriend’s poem. Best of luck and keep posting 🙂

    • beckieb says:

      I agree we all have our off days and rewards can be good. Thanks for enjoying my posts!

      If you want a nice little workout to go with your eating-clean theme, go to my “Get Active!” page and go to the Victoria’s Secret workout video. I love it for days when I’m really busy and don’t have a good amount of time to dedicate to working out.

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