Extreme Workouts, Worth It?

Here’s a little background: my best friend Lexi was looking for a workout to whip her into shape. She saw an infomercial for Shaun T.’s Insanity workout and thought she’d give it a try. Oh boy. She got through the first 30 days, but when she attempted the harder disk (the next 30 days)…disaster. She tried it and then went back to try the first 30 days.  In the process of all this her back now hurts (can’t flex or arch). All it takes is to move the wrong way.  She is on a regimen of Aleve for 7 days, poor thing. It cost her money, her health (temporarily) and she hasn’t been able to work-out in weeks.

So I’ve done some homework on this Insanity workout and I see all SORTS of ways this can go wrong and you could end up seriously hurt.

Note: I’m not “forbidding” this workout, but I just see these flaws and marketing schemes to get the masses into it.

  • This is a very high impact workout! Probably the highest I’ve ever seen. My knees ached just watching the infomercial. Our joints aren’t made for this type of pressure!  FYI the spine is made of joints! Lexi also noticed her knees and ankles getting a little sore even just doing the warm up moves in the last couple weeks of the 30 day workout.
  • I will say, I think it’s great for a cardio workout and you do break a sweat, great!
  • It’s dangerous also in this way, there’s no one to help you with the workout moves. Yes, I know, “Shaun T. is right here doing it with me!” but he’s not. And he’s not in your living room watching your posture and how you’re moving. One wrong twist or bend at this level of intensity can seriously hurt you…for longer than you’d think. And yes, I know he says to watch your form and such, but how do you know? Maybe if you work out in front of a mirror?

My point of saying all this: Extremes are not necessary to get results you want! Yes, you heard me right, IT IS NOT NECESSARY! This world is full of “quick-fixes” and that’s exactly what Shaun T. is appealing to, and he’s drawing in the masses. Be wary of extremes or promises of “getting these results in only ‘x’ days!” They’re marketing gimmicks.

I got my body into the mess it’s in by eating poorly, not exercising, and not giving a rip. It’s foolish for me to think that I could “fix” my weight problem and lack of muscle in a mere 60 days. It took YEARS to get this way and it’s going to take almost as long for me to undo the damage.

I believe in losing weight the correct way through hard work and over a period of time…the end result will be more long-lasting than these quick-fix fads.

Have you ever tried an extreme workout? If so, what did you think of it?

❤ beckieb


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