Walking & Subway Stops

When you think of New York City, you think, “Statue of Liberty! Times Square!….how am I going to get to these places? Drive? Walk? Taxi? Bus? Subway?”

Try walking to your  destination or walking to the subway. Walking allows you to see more from a “local’s perspective” and if you’re already living in NYC it can give you a chance to just be outside or discover that amazing deli you never noticed before!

42nd Street / Fifth Avenue – Bryant Park (New ...

42nd Street / Fifth Avenue – Bryant Park (New York City Subway) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of subways, they are a great way to travel around the city and relatively inexpensive. Sometimes you do have to walk a bit to get to the station you want, but what if you’re coming out of a lunch meeting and the station is right there? Walk up/down to the next one! It might seem obvious to do this, but we are in an age of convenience…and having the line right there is nice. But walking to the next stop gives your legs a stretch and it’s just one more way you’re being proactive with your health!

If you haven’t already noticed, I try to find activity by changing little things in my life. It all adds up and once you’re used to one concept, you can start to introduce bigger changes later on. It’s all in the name of health!

Happy travels!

❤ beckieb


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