10 Minute Workout!

I was browsing Pinterest yesterday and I came upon a pin that was titled, “Victoria’s Secret Model’s Full Body Workout.”  (I have included the link to the video at the bottom of the page before my signature.)

Now, I know I can never have the body of a VS gal, but I do know that those ladies know the tricks-of-the-trade when it comes to sculpting their bodies. So I thought, “Hey! I’ll give this a try tomorrow morning for my workout!”

Well, ladies and gents, I did and wow. Mind you, I had to take some breaks after the 1 minute cardio-bursts and I also had to modify a couple of moves to make it work for me. But man I got a workout this morning and it only took 10 minutes. No, that’s not a typo. TEN minutes, we can all spare 10 minutes (plus another 10 for a shower after, ’cause you’ll need one!) Remember: water water water! It IS your friend!

I would not consider this a high-impact exercise, but if you feel it’s too much impact, modify it to work for you! You are in control and you can do it! And all you need for this workout is:

  • some space ( for side-side movements mostly)
  • sneakers
  • training clothes (whatever you’re comfortable in)
  • bottle (or glass) of water.

I recommend stretching before ANY workout.

Gents- just because it’s a VS workout doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Guys like to be lean and mean too!

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns- just shoot me an e-mail!

Click HERE for the Victoria’s Secrets Model’s Full Body Workout (10 minutes!)

❤ beckieb


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